Dozens of breathtaking routes at your disposal

Dozens of routes at your disposal for all legs


In Valle di Ledro you can go trekking and hiking from 65 m of Lake Garda to 2254 m of Monte Cadria: 2000 m in altitude that offer a great variety of panoramas, landscapes and vegetation and that allow you to hike practically everything the year. The great variety of environments is one of the main reasons that led the Ledro Valley to be recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

To discover the nature, history and traditions of the Ledro Valley, the Tourist Office organizes Nature Excursions, a program of excursions and guided walks. The Thursday excursions offer excellent ideas for getting to know the Ledro Valley on foot thanks to excursions and walks to the most characteristic places, rich in history and with evocative environments and views in the company of the guides of the Trentino area.


The valley floor lends itself to pleasant and relaxing walks that do not have a particular difference in height.



The walk around the lake is completely flat and offers wonderful views; the Val Concei and the Val di Pur , to cite two examples, allow you to take walks in complete relaxation surrounded by the green of the woods and nature. Along the Val Concei there is a naturalistic path at the bottom of the valley which winds through the centuries-old beech and spruce woods. In Val di Pur , you can take advantage of the path through the works of Ledro Land Art, to reach Malga Cita. Towards Tiarno di Sotto and Tiarno di Sopra, you can cover the 9 km of cycle-pedestrian path which from Pieve, through dedicated paths or secondary roads, lead up to Lago d'Ampola, a small body of water covered with water lilies, surrounded by reeds, a provincial nature reserve.

A very nice tour, but long enough and suitable for those who do not suffer from vertigo, is that of the peaks of the Val Concei , from Monte Pichea to Monte Cadria, which all reach a height of 2,000 m or higher. The route winds along part of the Path of Peace , runs along all the ridges and allows you to visit many trenches built by the Austrians, dating back to the First World War.

To the south we find the Carone-Tremalzo-Tombea group, particularly interesting from a naturalistic point of view, thanks to numerous endemic flora species. For this the area of Tremalzo and Tombea are recognized as SIC, i.e. Sites of Community Interest. From Tremalzo, reachable by car, a partially equipped route starts to reach Monte Corno which enjoys a 360 ° view over the entire Valle di Ledro. Monte Corno can otherwise be reached from Pieve.

Other mountains from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Ledro are Cima d'Oro , reachable from Mezzolago, and Cima Parì , reachable from Pieve or more comfortably from Malga Trat along the Senter de le Vache or passing by the Pernici Refuge.